Notary Academy Arizona

Karin Ashby

Inspired by her mother, she began her journey as a mobile Notary Public in 2006 as a part time business while serving full time in Public Safety and various part time opportunities.

Karin has a diverse background in service to the public. She served the public for over 26 years as a First Responder. Highly awarded with Public Safety service awards, she was recognized by the Public, Communities, and Agencies with several Community Standards awards, Merit Awards, Letters of Appreciation, and multiple Commendations for her dedication to the public.

She developed, implemented, and oversaw an Offender Program with over 500 offenders on her watch list and mentored hundreds of jurisdictions across the US. She served on a Legislative Law panel for 18 months to assist a tribal jurisdiction with implementation of a new federally required law to ensure that equality and sovereignty was upheld for all impacted.

Additionally, she became a Private Consultant/Instructor for 12 years with the National Criminal Justice Training Center and Fox Valley Technical College. Recognized by DOJ, she was sought out to assist with implementation of a new federal mandate across the US which required extensive travel to educate jurisdictions at Symposiums, Conferences, or smaller groups for Technical Assistance. Services such as various criminal justice topics, AMBER Alert, and Implementation of Offender monitoring programs. Karin was also a Training & Technical Assistance Liaison for AMBER Alert in Indian Country which provided outreach, training, and community involvement on a tri-jurisdictional level.

Since 2017, Karin has been mentoring Notary Publics in various forums, individually, and hosted meet ups for AZ Notaries.

In 2018 when retired as a First Responder, Karin became a Private Investigator part time and launched her Notary Public business full time. In 2019, she became a Licensed Insurance Producer in 17 states and maintains her credentials and services separately from Notarial Services.

In 2020, the demand for Notary Public services were tremendous so she retired from Private Investigations and was strictly full time Mobile Notary services, General Notary services, RON, and Loan Signing services. Karin has completed thousands of closings over the last few years with a blend of her services.

Karin possesses and maintains multiple Loan Signing Agent certifications to ensure that meeting the public’s needs would be accomplished lawfully, appropriately, and professionally.

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