The Importance of Integrity
as a Notary 

As a Notary Public, you are the gatekeeper of trust. Handling all situations, clients, relationships, or mistakes with integrity is key to the success of your notary business. 

A Guide to the CA Notary Public Application 

Whether it’s your first time or you’re renewing your commission, here are a few tips to making sure your California Notary Public Application is accurate and approved as quickly as possible.

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid Causing Legal Problems

Mistakes are easy to make! Avoid the headache of accidentally running into legal mistakes that are easy to avoid by refining your notarial craft. Here are a few top mistakes and some tips to avoid them. 

What’s Up with RON? 

Curious about Remote Online Notarization in the State of CA? The State Legislature recently passed a bill to provide a deeper framework to implement the necessary technologies in a safe, secure, and straightforward way by July 2023. Read more about what this means for you and your business.