Notary Academy Colorado

Crystina Lindoerfer

I have been a Notary Signing Agent since 2019 when I decided to step down as a Creative Director. It was a leap of faith to go full-time right out of the gate, but I was excited to get out there and learn as much as I could about the field! I was joined very quickly by several other family members, and our number grew to 9! We started the Lindy Rich Services National Signing Service in early 2021 and we have learned and grown so much along the way.

As signing service owners, we quickly realized the need for a training program and learned how to encourage while instructing! We feel that education is incredibly important to our team, and we will go the extra mile to make sure our notaries are supported in EVERY way they need to be.

My ultimate goal in any signing situation is to make everyone feel like we are on the same side! I find that this sentiment makes me a better notary, better signing service owner, and a better human all the way around! I am confident that we can help notaries grow their skills and learn to create a stronger team at their closings!

Danyiell Lindoerfer Eckrich

I am a Colorado Notary Signing Agent and have been since 2019. I started out part-time with a few of my family members and I ended up leaving my Software Developer career and jumped into this new endeavor fully in 2020. We all quickly became dedicated to learning our laws, documents, and anything else we could get our hands on! We eventually grew to 9 Notary Signing Agents within our family and we travel all over Colorado.

Our family founded our national signing service, Lindy Rich Services, in January of 2021 and we have been running crazy ever since! Our motto has always been to “Be the change we want to see” and it became our mission to run our signing service in a way that we, as Notary Signing Agents, would want to work for our company.

We are excited to help Colorado notaries stay informed, learn their laws and protect their commissions, with confidence and a smile.

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