In the state of California, you renew your commission every 4 years. The state will allow you to take the notary renewal class up to 2 years before your commission expires. Secretary of State recommends renewing your commission 6 months prior to expiration (or 1 year prior, depending on government mandates and regulations).

After you take your renewal class, you must attend a live California state proctored exam. CPS HR Consulting is the only California-based consulting group that administers the exam for new and renewing commissions. After receiving your proof of completion, click on the above link to reserve your spot for the exam.

Applicants must first take and pass the notary public exam before submitting fingerprints via Live Scan. The purpose of a live scan fingerprint is to ensure transmit your information to the California Department of Justice (DOJ) for completion of a criminal record check. You’re allowed up to 1-year after you’ve taken the exam to get your live scan done.

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