Mock Loan Signings Series

Notary Academy Presents Mock Loan Signings Series

Are you a new Notary Signing Agent or would you like to become one? Would it be beneficial for you to “shadow” an experienced signing agent conducting a loan signing? Are you a visual learner that learns best when you are shown exactly what to do?

Well, here is your chance!!! MOCK LOAN SIGNINGS! Notary Academy presents a Mock Loan Signing Series!!! We will take you from the very beginning to the very end of an entire loan signing with a Q and A session at the end to ensure all your questions are answered. The Founders of Notary Academy have over 25 years of combined loan signing experience. They have signed well over 20,000 loan signings combined, and are experts in this industry to guide you into being the best Loan Signing Agent you can be! Our Mock Loan Signing Series will include four separate mock loan signings online.

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This includes Mock Purchase Closing in November, Mock Refinance Closing in December,
Mock Sellers Closing in January, Mock Reverse Mortgage in February

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What people are saying

"I've been a member for months and it is such a helpful group! So much good info in the videos!"
Sara Muir
"The mentors of this group are super knowledgeable about CA notary law and loan signing. They provide the added value of a lifeline, which allows notaries to call with in-the-moment questions for assistance during a live signing. I found a rare gem in this group!"
Angela Brooks
"If you want to become a great Loan Signing Agent you're in the right place. Both owners are Loan Signing System Ambassadors for Calif. I've been with them for the past 6 weeks and have gained the self confidence to take on new challenges. I'm not embarrassed to ask questions. Both are caring and will help you day or night. The group are polite and help when they can."
Erin Green
"These ladies have been my life saver. I know for a fact I would not be where I am today if it wasn't for them. Their devotion to help others is priceless."
Cheryl G.